Friday, December 25, 2009

New Years…

Is a ways off. However, I have always found that if you are serious about fulfilling “New Years Resolutions” (NYR), its best to start a few days in advance to work out the bugs and get into a routine.

Here are some of my goals for next semester, in order -

Bump my grades up a little.

Tack back on ten pounds of muscle that have been lost.

Get a job. (Still seeking… I must be well over a hundred applications by  now).

Land a new chick.

And here are the detailed plans for each:

#1, Grades:  Buy differentiated notebooks for each class, purchase a white-board to keep track of tests and exams (lost the one I used sophomore year). Attend class (some things are harder to do than others).

#2, Bodybuilding: Get my diet back on track, solve the various medical aliments that have cropped up this semester (hernia etc.). Establish a gym routine (probably just Starting Strength).

#3, Job: I suppose I’ll just keep plugging away on this one.

#4, Chick: This one is usually contingent on #2 and #3… If both of those fall through, it wont be worth the effort. Seriously, sex is wonderful, but (nice)guys tend to let women destroy their lives.

Happy Christmas. Merry Holidays.


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