Monday, August 8, 2011


It's begun. I've seen theDOW dip 600 points, before bouncing back. Link at end. We are rapidly approach the last few resistance levels before a sharp horrifying drop into 2008/09 lows. The same lows that the government used as an excuse to trigger the first two rounds of quantitative easing. Which served only to temporarily prop up (and according to charts, later crash) the economy. If you read that and already are aware of what is going on, keep reading. For those unaware, you are witnessing history unfold in front of you.

If your just joining, you need to start reading up on just what has really been going on. Also through up a quick look at the DOW... it might cause some alarm. Having  struck -5% AND dropping during Barrack Obama's speech.

Prepare for the BARACKALYPSE :P

I'm at least hedged in silver. Oh, and to check the DOW - the following:

But, hell, we'll probably see QE3 before it ever really tanks. There is still time.


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